Saturday 29 June 2013

Fractalious at SL10b

I was very excited when I got to know that Kiki has her creation at SL10B sim. She has been a great friend for a long time and I have had the chance to see her previous work before. She is truly one of the most talented and dedicated builder I have known.
Of course, I quickly asked for an interview with her and she agreed immediately.


Owner & creator Kikiri Tuqiri (right)
Debbie Selona: Hi Kiki, it's been a long time...How have you been ") Ty for meeting up with me.
Kikiri Tuqiri: I'm good. Yw :)
Debbie Selona: How long have you been building?
Kikiri Tuqiri: Over 5 years
Debbie Selona: What are your inspiration for this build and most of your builds?
Kikiri Tuqiri: Well, the theme for SL10B is "Second Life – Looking Forward, Looking Back". So this is an exhibit of the fractals I've made and used in Second Life over the years, at the end there is a note card stuffed with information that I have collected on how to get started making fractals free. So the inspiration for this build was the theme and the Second Life B-Day celebration.
Debbie Selona: Can you tell us what exactly is fractal?
Kikiri Tuqiri: Well, a fractal is a pattern that is never ending and repeats itself at different scales. Fractals are very complex even though they are made repeating this simple process. There are natural occurring fractals like the spirals in shells and galaxies, and then there are mathematical fractals that are formed by essentially calculating a simple equation thousands of times.
Kikiri Tuqiri: This one is a Holofractal V5. It is timed to emit different fractal textures that are particles which are two dimensional. So if you walk around the sphere they will always be facing you. That's how this is done, with a particle script using fractals as textures.

Debbie Selona: Wow, sound complicating but definitely very interesting.
Kikiri Tuqiri: Yes , particles are a lot of fun. Interesting to work with.

Debbie Selona: Have you been building since day 1 in SL?

Kikiri Tuqiri: No, but I did learn the prims had physical capabilities on day one.
Debbie Selona: You have been building for more than 5 years. Can you tell us what is the difference in the building world now and 5 years ago?

Kikiri Tuqiri: I learned to build on my own through the trial, error, reading, observation and more. I have seen changes like sculpting, mesh and building groups that have lessons with supplies for free.
Debbie Selona: In your years of building, have you face any problem? any challenge ?
Kikiri Tuqiri: Oh yes, when I first started to build it was in a public sandbox and you were at the mercy of griefers...grieving became a daily occurrence and I've been caged and flung into space many times.
Debbie Selona: That was terrible. What are the new project that you are working on right now?

Kikiri Tuqiri: A space themed hang out is in the works right now, also I am building a particle showroom because I am also a particle performer and make my own effects and textures. I have also just opened a new art gallery and have lots to do in the Deitide sim like shopping and rides, so please visit!
Debbie Selona: Kiki, Tysm for your time.

Holofractal V5 

After the interview, Kiki invited me over to her sim and I was lucky that day as she did a 'private' show for me. I was totally amazed! My camera went clicking away. I wanted to give all of you a preview of her spectacular show!

For those are interested in special performance for your party and events, you may contact Kikiri Tuqiri directly. (^_^)


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