Monday 14 March 2016

The survival of the fittest

The Game of Thrones begins in The Instruments with some of the best designers on the grid to satisfy your medieval fantasy. To win the throne, only the fittest survives. 

Today, I present to you Tauriel. The hunter elf who roamed the mystical forest protecting the little animals that lived within. A warrior at heart, she loved archery and was the love of all.

Style Card
White Room Couture ~ Dothraki Earthquake Dress @ The Instruments
White Room Couture ~ Omega Applier Dothraki Pants

White Room Couture ~ Dothraki Earthquake boots @ The Instruments

elikatira ~ Nura

Dynamic Archery ~ Beginners SF+GM Short-Bow

InMotion Poses ~ Game Of Thrones @ The Instruments

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