Friday 22 April 2016

I got your back

My mid week styling for a Spring day.

Serendipity's Elijah top comes with 50 texture huds that you can use to change the textures for the jacket, turtleneck and collar to a combination that matches your pants or skirt. I have on a matching capri pants from LCL and a slip-on from Loordes of London

Scott was nice to model for this blog post wearing his favourite designers, Cold Ash and Serendipity. Thank Scott.

Style Card
Serendipity  ~ Elijah ~ Leather Jacket W Turtleneck [Fitmesh] comes with a 50 texture/colour hud *NEW RELEASE
LGL ~  Francomania Wrinkled pants [Cocoa] @ The Instruments

Loordes of London ~ The Fossils CB #45

[monso] ~ My Hair - Lien [Black Brown]

Cold Ash ~ JONES jacket 

*Serendipity* ~ Adrian Jeans

Cold Ash ~ JERICHO Desert Boots

*Dura ~ Boy*58 (Black)

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