Monday 13 August 2012

Miss TWA contest 2012 ~ Final Challenge

I made it to the final!!!

For this challenge, we had to style a warrior outfit and a gown for the queen of TWA.

The Medieval Queens and Princesses shared the most powerful positions with their husbands and many held extremely important influence over their sons.

The royalties adorned clothing of gold and purple silk wide gown decorated with embroidery at the edges to add a touch of design to the entire ensemble. The gown included a corset that was tied tight to enhance the hourglass shape of women. Queens and princesses wore vibrant-coloured dresses with high collars and had long sleeves and trailing. The neckline of these dresses were often cut in a square to accent the bust of a women and then accentuated with bold necklaces.

A great amount of extravagance could be seen in the fashion when gold, silver and other precious stones were used on the clothing.

The women of the upper social classes wore their hair either in loose curls or braided hair decorated with precious stones, pearls, ribbons and even shimmering veils.

This is what I wore as the Queen of TWA

Styling Card:

Dress: Contessa Gown and Regal Monarch II Gown by TWA
Jewellery: Princess Set in Gold, Rubies and Diamonds by Virtual Impressions, Sierra Tiara in Gold and Diamonds by Virtual Impressions
Shoe: Flates Nadua by Abebe
Hair/ Hair Base: FTN683 black hair by booN, Black Pearl Blend hair base by Damselfly

This is what I wore as a warrior of the Medieval Era

Styling Card:

Dress: Dark Empress Gown by TWA (ear ring and head gear included), Exiled Adventure Tunic by TWA, Sylvan Valkrie Gown by TWA.
Hair/ Hair Base: KB0906 black hair by booN, Noir hair base by Vanity
Makeup: Eyeliner 3 by Flirt, Black Eye shadow and Lipstick 02 by Glamourize
Shoe: Juran Leather Sandals by Abebe
Sword: Hylian Short sword by Arcane's Forge

As I was styling for this final challenge, I was reminded of a friend who showed me this song that I couldn't stop listen to since then...

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