Saturday 20 February 2016

I don't want to miss a thing

She needed some fresh air quickly. She looked around for a porter to help her with her luggage. The young man she saw bit further down the platform, pushed an empty cart in front of him and was already walking towards her. She smiled and waved at him.

He had already seen the young woman getting off the train and could not take his eyes off her. On her neck was an exquisite black laced choker hugging tightly with beautiful teardrop black diamond gemstones. She was so beautiful in her strapless pink silk dress in black polka dots and big generous folds with black trimmings on the bottom that created an amazingly beautiful shape, enhancing perfectly her feminine body. The silk stole snaked over her shoulder and around her slender arms suggested an air of class that no other woman in the station could compare with. The bright pink color stood out among the dull and dirty train station.

Her long wavy black hair was twisted in huge curls and rested on her right shoulder. He could see a few stray strands of hair moving in the wind from her fan as she tried in vain to cool herself down. As his eyes moved down her long slim legs, he spotted a pair of dainty heels with pink ribbon threading and a cute pink bow that matched her dress completely at her feet. She was indeed a sight to behold - a woman about town and the marvel of a beauty that he would never forget.

Style Card
Ghee ~ Corazon Dress [Lipstick] @ The Instruments
Ghee ~ Corazon Petticoat Skirt [Lipstick] @ The Instruments
Ghee ~ Corazon Organza Stole [Lipstick] @ The Instruments
Ghee ~ Corazon Fan (with pose) @ The Instruments
[Corazon is a 3-1 outfit which includes rigged mesh dress and 2 optional flexi skirts, rigged mesh stole and fan with and without pose]

Sonatta Morales ~ *8* Passion choker

LeLutka ~ Sheena hair

Ghee ~ Corazon Heels for SLINK High [Lipstick] sold separately
The Instruments

Picture taken at The 1920s Berlin Project 

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