Wednesday 10 February 2016

Omega Compatible Gown

Nancee Gown is the new release from Sascha's Designs. It comes in 6 different colours and the option of 2 different tops and 3 skirts, a glove and a fur bolero for a more formal touch to the elegant bustier gown. Best of all, they are omega compatible. 

How omega works:

If you have a Maitreya Mesh Body Lara, wear your Maitreya Mesh body, attach the "Omega Applier Relay for Maitreya" AND wear and use your Omega Applier that comes with your outfit. Make sure the Relay stays attached when you wear your applier. 

If you have a Belleza Mesh Body, wear your Belleza Mesh body, attach the "Omega System Installer - Belleza", click the installer, and verify the mesh thanks you in local. Your mesh will now respond to Omega.

If you have a Slink Physique/ Hourglass Mesh Body, you need to make sure you have the up-to-date Slink Mesh. Wear your Slink Mesh body, attach the "Omega System Installer - Slink" and click the installer to verify the mesh thanks you in local. Your mesh will now respond to Omega.

You can buy the Omega Appliers at  99 Linden on MarketPlace or if you join the Omega Group, it is only 1 Linden at the Love-N-Lust Designs Inworld.

For more information about how Omega works or the supported Meshes, CLICK HERE.

The main reasons appliers 'don't work':
a) they do not have the Omega kit if their body requires it
b) They are not wearing it / have activated their body
c) They are on land where scripts can not run
d) they 'killed' the script in a particular body
e) they are not actually WEARING the Omega applier

Style Card
Sascha's Designs  ~ Nancee Seafoam Gown omega compatible 

PurpleMoon ~ Venice Necklace and Earring [Turquoise]

Truth Hair ~ Delphine

amara beauty ~ Gabriela 03 Beige *NEW RELEASE

Picture taken at Extasia Beach

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