Wednesday 24 February 2016


As soon as I woke up that morning after Valentines, Scott surprised me with a gift that I have always wanted. A puppy! He knew I would be lonely when he's at work in the day and so a little companion would be just what I need.
As he led me into the CS house with my eyes closed, I knew he had something up his sleeves. There it stood wagging its tail when I opened my eyes. I lifted it up and it started to lick my face. I giggled. Hugged Scott and we danced around abit. He had decorated the house with a deep red wall paper and scattered nice smelling rose petals on the floor. OMG... It was the best gift any girl could ask for... Thank you love. 

Style Card
Chambre Rose ~ Valentinette Rose for Maitreya @ The Instruments

Xen Hats ~ Lincoln Flat Cap Plaid (Mesh) @ The Instruments

Catwa ~ Hair MissFortune

LUNA ~ Body Art - SweetHeart for SLink @ The Instruments

amara beauty ~ Agnes 04 Honey cleavage

Make up
Epoque ~ Essential Liner Thin I
amara beauty ~ Agnes lipstick - barbie 02

Pose/ House
Come Soon Poses ~ Be my Pixel -Full scene @ The Instruments


Serendipity ~ Adrian Jeans - *New release
Serendipity ~ Harry Sweater - * New release

Exile ~ AJ:Autumn

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